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Q: What kind of Cat is Gandalf? Does this breed like to adventure more?

A: Gandalf is a Siberian cat but not all Siberian cats are travel cats. There isn’t one breed that will take to adventuring 100% of the time but some breeds such as Savannahs and Bengals will be more open to active lifestyles.

Q: How did you train Gandalf to walk on a leash?

A: Gandalf took to the leash the first time we made an attempt. Not all cat’s are as easy going so they may require postie reinforcement with treats and time to acclimate to their harnesses.

Q: Speaking of harnesses, what harness do you use?

A: We use a Four Paws pet harness for Gandalf. We find it to be very secure while still allowing him to lead with his chest and not his neck. Many cats have issues with pressure on their necks so if your cat has a problem with a neck leading harness (thin, collar like material) you might want to try a vest style.