It is I, Gandalf, the famous world-traveling, fetch-playing, dancing┬áball of fuzz from South Korea, and welcome to my blog. This is the place where I’ll go every once in a while to update my myriad of fans on what’s going on, has gone on, and will go on in my incredible life. I’ve seen a great deal in my two long years on this planet, with hopefully many more to come, but I just wouldn’t be satisfied if I were to pass on without leaving behind just a bit of the knowledge I’ve gained in my travels. I hope you’ll find this blog both enlightening and entertaining.


So where should I start? By now I’m sure all of you are familiar with my story, but if you’ve somehow missed it I’ll give you a quick rundown. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, adopted at 5 weeks old, cured of a crippling respiratory infection, and quickly duped the kind souls who saved me into taking me anywhere I wished to go for free. I’ve been all over America and currently reside in California, with plans to move┬áto New Zealand with my parents later this year. My favorite foods include the wet kind, the dry kind, and the kind that still moves (although my parents will not allow me to indulge on this one).


In the future, I’ll be sure to regale you with tales of my past and present adventures, but for now, this short introduction will have to tide you over; I’m very busy working on my Instagram (@Ganddygram), and my humans need feeding because they still don’t know how to hunt. Honestly, I don’t know how they’ve made it this long without me.


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