Back to the Beginning

Hello again,

The emails have just been pouring in recently asking me to expound upon my backstory. Obviously, the sheer volume of incredible wonders that I’ve seen, done, and heard is simply too much to catalog in one single blog post, so I’ve decided to start off small, by talking about when I was small.


I wasn’t always the rugged, talented adventure cat that I am known as today. When I was a kitten, I lived in a run-down pet store in South Korea. Back then I wasn’t able to explore the world; all I knew was the glass terrarium in which I was kept.  They didn’t take very good care of me, and it wasn’t long before I contracted a respiratory infection. That would have been the end for me right from the start, but fortunately that shop was condemned and I was whisked away to a vet’s office. That was where I met my current humans; they came in to gaze upon the majesty of me and my brethren, and all it took on my part was a few well-placed mews to garner their affections. As soon as I had recovered from my illness, the three of us left together.


At first, it wasn’t that much different than the pet shop. Yes, the food was better, and I had more space, and people actually paid attention to my needs for once, but I still felt constrained. A soul such as mine couldn’t survive stifled behind the walls of a Korean apartment. I need to be free. I explained my concerns to my new friends, and before long, they had decided to get a harness and allow me the freedom I so deserved.


I started off with trips to my new mums work place, the market, and the local parks. I would grace the neighboring elderly women with my presence while they picked peppers in the garden. In return I would get love and a few well placed pats. Once I started to gain some confidence I was introduced to some of my parents friends. My new friends seemed a bit turned off by my fearsome claws so it took a bit of effort on part to earn their snuggles. After a while they too grew to love me and would come to my apartment just to play.


I miss my time in Korea but I know the future holds many more adventures and friendships. Korea was only the beginning.

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